Talking About Weinstein at your Dinner Table

By Yellowbrick Staff Like most of you, here at Yellowbrick, we are saddened to read about the many women who have allegedly been victimized by Harvey Weinstein. While there are many perspectives on issues of sexual violence towards women, we are impressed with the overall reaction of the public and entertainment sector, and citizens alike. […]

When Do Children Learn Social Responsibility?

Republished with permission from Bright Horizons® Family Resources blog “Growing Givers: Raising Socially Responsible Children” Children gradually develop their ability to show empathy, compassion, and social awareness. The most powerful way to encourage socially responsible children is to first ensure that our children are nurtured and well cared for themselves. The second most powerful thing […]

Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation: Workshop in Hartford, CT on November 4

  The CT Center for Nonviolence (CTCN) promotes a comprehensive framework for conflict reconciliation and coalition building rooted in the philosophy and practices of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. CTCN uses a proactive approach utilizing a comprehensive nonviolence curriculum developed by the legendary civil rights activist and scholar, Dr. Bernard […]

5 Tips for Parents to Help Their Depressed Young Teen

By Judy Guess, PhD   Middle school stunk. If I had a chance to relive a time in my life it may be college, my 20’s, even grade-school, but never frickin middle school. All I recall from middle school is everyone was cooler than me and had more friends. Yet still, I was oddly surprised […]

Raising Boys to Become Gentle Men

By Torsten Klaus   When I became a father, I was full of excitement, joy and happiness. My wife and I felt well prepared as we had read dozens (it felt even more) of parenting books, we went to two antenatal courses, and we took every opportunity to sit on the sofa and chat about […]

Lasting Impact of Kindergarten Bullying

By Lorrie Jones, MBSR CHT BSN “Do not teach your children never to be angry; teach them how to be angry.”—Lyman Abbott I was 5 years old standing in line for recess. My coat was on, scarf and mittens in place. Suddenly my body hurled forward from the momentum of a tremendous shove from behind. […]

Homework Contracts for ADHD Middle and High Schoolers

By Jenna Wattenbarger, certified coach for HomeworkCoach   As a homework coach for students with ADHD, I am a big fan of homework contracts. This is one of the first things I set up when I see a toxic power struggle between parents and kids. In this article, I’m going to explain to you how […]

Child anxiety and parenting in the Trump era

Barbara Milrod, Cornell University “Lucy,” a shy, intelligent six-year-old, missed three days of school because she had stomachaches. The symptoms started the day after Lucy witnessed a loud argument while waiting for the bus with her babysitter. A “scary man” shouted at people waiting: “Watch out, you’re all going to be deported now!” Lucy didn’t […]