Our Most-Read Stories of 2017

What a year it has been! Thanks to you, the loyal members of this community, for making 2017 so special.

This year, Yellowbrick.me addressed some very interesting and challenging parenting issues and helped you on the journey of raising socially responsible children!

The discussion on Yellowbrick has reflected the daily concerns and problems of the community, as well as the current events that shaped the year and affected us all.

Our “Most-Read Stories of 2017” cover a wide range of topics:

‌• reforming our nation’s education system,
‌• racial and cultural bias,
‌• helping kids cope with tragegy,
‌• how to deal with bullying,
‌• strategies for school success,
• answering your big questions with our live stream show “Parenting From The Trenches,”
…and much more!

This list demonstrates the breadth of our expert community, as well as the concerns and interests of the active Yellowbrick user-base.

As we highlight our best of the year, we want to feature your voices, too. What is your reaction to these stories? Please let us know in the comments below.

The Top Stories of 2017 on Yellowbrick.me:

Dr. Michael Hynes Makes His Case for More Recess, Self-Directed Play and “PEAS” in Schools

By Sarah Calatayud, Yellowbrick Staff Writer Dr. Michael Hynes, Superintendent of Schools for the Patchogue-Medford district in Long Island, NY, believes very strongly in a few core principles. He believes in teaching to the whole child…

Mama, They’re not like us

By Paget Norton We’re in the girls’ locker room at the YMCA. I feel uncomfortable…

Fighting the Shadows: Learning and Fearing Other

By Jody Gerbig Juvenile male birds have been attacking my windows recently, or rather they have been attacking their own reflections in the windows. Feeling threatened, they flutter into and peck at the clear panes until are stunned and fall to the ground…

Homework Contracts for ADHD Middle and High Schoolers

By Jenna Wattenbarger, certified coach for HomeworkCoach As a homework coach for students with ADHD, I am a big fan of homework contracts. This is one of the first things I set up when I see a toxic power struggle between parents and kids…

Is Burger King ‘bluewashing’ Bullying?

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer At Yellowbrick, we have a lot of conversations around bullying from both parents and professionals. On Tuesday, the fast food chain Burger King created a social experiment to test people’s reaction to bullying as part of October’s Bullying Awareness Month…

12 Habits of My Most Successful Students

By Jody Gerbig Parents want what is best for their children, and when it comes to school, “best” usually includes good grades. But, as teachers, we hate to focus too much on grades (which should reflect a child’s learning rather than drive it), as doing so can undermine learning and cause anxiety…

Executive Function: What all happy and successful students have in common

There is a lot of pressure on students to do well in school – which means getting consistently high scores on their tests and good grades on their report cards. Surprisingly, your child’s ability to do well in school over time is not determined by their IQ…

4 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Kids Cope with Tragedy

By Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP Tragedy has come again. Whether you are reading this in response to an intentional act, an accident, or some natural disaster, your response is likely the same. You feel sad and afraid. Perhaps you lost sleep. Maybe you had nightmares, if you slept at all…

Parenting from the Trenches

Expert Dr. Amy Alamar hosts this monthly livestream show on Facebook and Instagram to answer your parenting questions with the help of a special guest…

The Senior Year: Helping them Soar by Letting them Go

Congratulations parents of high school seniors! You are almost there – you are approaching the finish line of successfully launching your child into the real world. Wow, that actually sounds scary, doesn’t it? With your child’s senior year, and possibly an impending empty nest upon you, the excitement, jitters, anxiety, fear, and sadness have taken over most parents’ psyche…

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018!


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