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Talking About Weinstein at your Dinner Table

By Yellowbrick Staff Like most of you, here at Yellowbrick, we are saddened to read about the many women who have allegedly been victimized by Harvey Weinstein. While there are many perspectives on issues of sexual violence towards women, we are impressed with the overall reaction of the public and entertainment sector, and citizens alike. […]

Six Hands-On Ways to Foster Empathy in Your Kids

By Hailey Hudson   Empathy—the ability to understand the pain of others—is in short supply among kids these days. Empathy is incredibly important because it breeds action, and fostering empathy in children is especially important because kids are growing into the adults that will shape the future of our world. But when kids just don’t […]

When Do Children Learn Social Responsibility?

Republished with permission from Bright Horizons® Family Resources blog “Growing Givers: Raising Socially Responsible Children” Children gradually develop their ability to show empathy, compassion, and social awareness. The most powerful way to encourage socially responsible children is to first ensure that our children are nurtured and well cared for themselves. The second most powerful thing […]

Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation: Workshop in Hartford, CT on November 4

  The CT Center for Nonviolence (CTCN) promotes a comprehensive framework for conflict reconciliation and coalition building rooted in the philosophy and practices of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. CTCN uses a proactive approach utilizing a comprehensive nonviolence curriculum developed by the legendary civil rights activist and scholar, Dr. Bernard […]

Mama, They’re not like us

By Paget Norton   We’re in the girls’ locker room at the YMCA.  I feel uncomfortable. My five-year old son is staring at the bottom of a ten-ish year old girl standing close to us.  At his height, his nose is pretty much ass-level to most older kids and adults, so he has developed a […]

7 Steps to Raising Good Citizens – Are You Doing Them, Parents?

By Kimberly Yavorski   The recent news cycle has been unlike any in recent memory. The U.S. has been struck by tragedies, of both natural and man-made origin. What we thought we knew has been turned on end. Neighborhoods and families have been divided by talk of us versus them. On the national stage, animosity […]

Are You Teaching Your Children the Right Values?

By Claire Adams   Being a parent is one of the best things in the world, even though it isn’t a piece of cake. Teaching your little ones the right values is one of the most important parts of their education that should start from the early childhood, since this period is the most important […]

Helping Parents Talk About Race With Their Kids

By David McDowell   Yellowbrick reached out to me soon after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, asking if I’d be willing to write down my thoughts and help parents figure out the best way to talk about race with their kids. I think talking to kids about the realities of life are always difficult. It’s hard […]