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It’s Not Their Fault: 6 Reasons Why Young Adults Can’t Launch

By Donna C. Moss, MA, LCSW-R In a couple of weeks I’m going to be on the radio again with my new topic “It’s not Their Fault: Why Young Adults Can’t Launch.” I think it’s because in the last decade, the loan situation re: college costs, even if you just take a certificate like massage […]

Busted! 3 Reasons Not to Sext. Ever!

By Donna C. Moss, MA, LCSW-R The family came in ashamed and scared. They wanted me to dictate what to tell their 12-year-old child about her sexting with a 16-year-old boy. I said wait, slow down. Just like a journalist’s job is to show not tell, a therapist’s job is to guide not do. I […]

Why boys need to have conversations about emotional intimacy in classrooms

By Amy Schalet, University of Massachusetts Amherst   An award-winning, veteran Bronx high school teacher, handed in his resignation after colliding with the school’s principal in 2016. Tom Porton had distributed HIV/AIDS education fliers listing nonsexual ways of “Making Love Without Doin’ It” (including advice to “read a book together”). What does it say when a […]

Dear Taylor Swift

By Jane Lang   My mother privately smashed plates in the basement when she was angry. I knew nothing of this until decades later when she was working on an autobiography. She told me then about the tremendous emotional pain and fear she experienced as a child when her parents fought regularly and furiously with […]

How Can You Help Children Process Tragedy In The News?

By Amy Alamar It seems that all too often we are witnessing tragedy. Just this fall we’ve seen devastation to much of our country caused by hurricanes and horrifying violence. There’s no telling what is to come and there is no way to prepare for everything. So, it’s important that we use this time to […]

College Picks for Transgender Students

By Dale Price of Access College America Finding the right college fit can be daunting for both prospective college students and parents but for those identifying as a member of the transgender community, the task of sorting through so many college options may require more time and research. Most notably, while searching for a university […]

Are Your Kids Assertive Enough? Model It For Them!

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer My mom and I were recently discussing a hard conversation that I had with a family member. It was one of those conversations where I had to be assertive, express my point of view and admit things I had kept to myself. This is never easy. Mom and I […]

Worried About Kids and Dating Violence? Bring “That’s Not Cool” to Your Community

By Sarah Calatayud, Yellowbrick Staff Writer Brian O’Connor, founder of the nonprofit Futures Without Violence, described the thinking behind starting the successful 2009 teen-aimed “That’s Not Cool” campaign as a recognition of the potential dangers inherent to teens navigating dating relationships in the iGen era. In the video describing the program he states, “The more people […]

A Letter to Myself About Bullying

By Paul Jarvis   Below is a message to my teenage self. I spent a lot of time in high school being picked on and bullied and although I’ve moved past it now, at the time it was tough to deal with. I’m older now and don’t claim to have any advice about bullying in […]