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5 Tips for Parents to Help Their Depressed Young Teen

By Judy Guess, PhD   Middle school stunk. If I had a chance to relive a time in my life it may be college, my 20’s, even grade-school, but never frickin middle school. All I recall from middle school is everyone was cooler than me and had more friends. Yet still, I was oddly surprised […]

Lasting Impact of Kindergarten Bullying

By Lorrie Jones, MBSR CHT BSN “Do not teach your children never to be angry; teach them how to be angry.”—Lyman Abbott I was 5 years old standing in line for recess. My coat was on, scarf and mittens in place. Suddenly my body hurled forward from the momentum of a tremendous shove from behind. […]

Child anxiety and parenting in the Trump era

Barbara Milrod, Cornell University “Lucy,” a shy, intelligent six-year-old, missed three days of school because she had stomachaches. The symptoms started the day after Lucy witnessed a loud argument while waiting for the bus with her babysitter. A “scary man” shouted at people waiting: “Watch out, you’re all going to be deported now!” Lucy didn’t […]

Parenting From The Trenches | Episode 7 | Mindfulness with Joanna Curry-Sartori

“Parenting From The Trenches” (Episode 7) — Amy and Dr. K have an enlightening discussion about mindfulness with Joanna Curry-Sartori and take viewer’s parenting questions.

Parenting Purposefully: How to be Present and Connect with Your Child

By Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT   As parents we so often remark to each other about at how fast our children are growing up and we tell each other to cherish each moment. At some deep level we know what an extraordinary gift it is to be a parent, to witness and guide our child’s growth.  We […]

Let Them Go and They Will Come Back

By Jennifer Jondreau Thompson, PhD, OPC   In late August and early September magazines are filled with ‘Back to School’ articles, and stores are filled with ‘Back to School’ sales. For younger kids, it means new lunch boxes and pencils. For older ones; SATs, clubs, and all things related to college. If you are starting […]

Emotional Intelligence: What it is and How it supports the Happiness, Well-Being and Holistic Success of the Whole Family Team

By Paula-Elizabeth Jordan I wanted to write an article on Emotional Development first because I feel it’s crucially important to a “Family Team’s” holistic success. Second, because it relates very strongly to “My Story” and is another good follow on article to my “Preparing Children for School” article. Very interestingly whilst I was researching this article […]