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Dear Taylor Swift

By Jane Lang   My mother privately smashed plates in the basement when she was angry. I knew nothing of this until decades later when she was working on an autobiography. She told me then about the tremendous emotional pain and fear she experienced as a child when her parents fought regularly and furiously with […]

Why Therapy Works for Teens & Young Adults

Geoff Genser, a West Hartford-based clinical social worker and therapist, talks about the challenges faced by teens and young adults to overcome emotional and mental health issues. He stresses the importance of seeking help, instead of retreating in the face of these challenges.

Bullying – How to not be bullied online or in person.

Bullying – How to not be bullied online or in person. By Lou Scotti   Why are some children and adults more susceptible to bulling? How can we develop a protective shield against bullying?   No matter what form abuse or bullying takes it creates pain. Depending on our Emotional Memory of early childhood and […]

5 Things Chris Cornell’s Death Reinforces About Suicide Prevention

By Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP   The first thing I remember reading on the news crawl on May 18th was that Chris Cornell died in Detroit. I had to watch the whole cycle again because I couldn’t believe it. In addition to his family, friends, and his music, Chris Cornell left us with some important […]

Choosing the Best Swimming Pool for Your Home

Many people dream of having a big beautiful pool in their backyard, and there are many benefits to having one. Not only is it great for spending summers, hosting parties and creating memories; it is also a great way to increase the value of your home. But, what kind of pool do you want? How […]