Are You Teaching Your Children the Right Values?

By Claire Adams


Being a parent is one of the best things in the world, even though it isn’t a piece of cake. Teaching your little ones the right values is one of the most important parts of their education that should start from the early childhood, since this period is the most important one in their development. Read ahead to learn 3 important values your kids should adopt.

Determination is the key

Determination is one of the most important values to teach kids, even though it can be tricky since children begin testing boundaries early. You need to stick to your decisions. This is particularly true when forbidding something – if they start complaining and you give in, they’ll know they can have whatever they want. Instead, teach them to be determined when it comes to decisions and not to give up that easily. You can start when they’re small, with wooden puzzles that have 4 or 5 pieces. Help your kids just until they understand the concept and praise them when they do well. Be there for them if they get discouraged, and help them solve the puzzle if you see that they’re stuck. The same goes for other games – just be there for your kids even when they’re losing. But don’t protect them from failure. They should learn they can’t always win. Once they learn to deal appropriately with failure, they’ll be more prepared for life. It will help them grow to be persistent.

determination is the key

Empathy is the best policy

Empathy is an important value your children need to learn when they’re young, so be sure to start teaching them early. Empathy is the awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people. they should also learn to treat others with respect, kindness, and understanding, which are important aspects of empathy. Excellent child care programs such as the great Panania childcare centre have experienced staff and programs for kids of all ages where they can learn to show empathy towards others. They’ll also be encouraged to interact with their peers and teachers when giving and receiving information, which will teach kids about empathy and how to be mindful of others’ feelings.


Let them know about the importance of honesty

The importance of honesty can’t be emphasized enough, and it’s surely a concept you should teach your children. Be honest and truthful yourself, since being a role model will undoubtedly help your kids realise how they should behave. They’re likely to copy your behaviour. Consider your feedback when your children admit their mistakes. Overreaction and yelling will likely discourage them from truthfulness about mistakes in the future. Try to be patient with your kids, so they can feel safe around you, no matter what they did or didn’t do. Appreciate the fact that they’ve told the truth and speak to them calmly, discussing their actions without yelling.

Each of these values is important in children’s lives, as well as in their parents’ lives. Taking proper care of your kids and providing a positive learning environment is crucial for everyone’s well-being. Early childhood is a perfect time to teach skills and values, and these will prepare kids for situations they’ll face later in life.

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