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Developing social responsibility at home, at work, and in your community can be challenging. We can teach you the 12 traits of social responsibility – whether you are a parent, educator, business leader, or in government.

Yellowbrick was founded by two university professors with a simple goal – to make the science of social responsibility accessible and easy to understand. Thousands of people around the globe have contributed to our social responsibility research and we’ve used this data to create the foundation of our evidence-based training programs.

  • Our research has indicated 12 traits of social responsibility.
  • Our training programs consist of research driven curriculum.
  • Well Society © App (available soon) helps individuals and groups become more socially responsible.

We also work with organizations, governments, and businesses to develop custom-built curriculum that addresses specific needs as identified through extensive research.

If you are interested in our products or services, please contact us to learn more.

The name Yellowbrick is an obvious connection to the Wizard of Oz. People often wonder why a group of researchers studying social responsibility would choose this connotation. The answer is quite simple!

The co-founders of Yellowbrick believe that the wellness of society and culture improves when people are equipped to support — not just themselves — but other members of the community. Like Dorothy and her friends, we understand that the journey down the proverbial Yellowbrick road is easier when everyone in the group works together toward a common, unifying vision. One of the key factors in creating “well” societies and cultures is working to improve aspects of social responsibility such as cooperation, accountability, respect, and communication. Again, like Dorothy and her friends, we realize that everyone in life has their own battles, fears, and doubts that may be holding the group back. In the Wizard of Oz, they chose to hold each other up and move forward together. They helped each other overcome their “faults”, and in doing so, the journey was a bit easier for everyone.

At Yellowbrick we have spent years studying how to help societies and cultures improve their Social Responsibility Quotient © (SRQ) through our various products and services. We provide individuals, communities, and organizations of all sizes the ability to measure, improve, and sustain their SRQ ©. We use science and tailored research to maximize the effectiveness of messaging and skills training, while ensuring the highest level of engagement. With our tools and services, we provide the resources to teach people how to create and be a part of Well Societies © and Well Cultures ©.

The 12 Traits of Socially Responsible People













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