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The Senior Year: Helping them Soar by Letting them Go

Congratulations parents of high school seniors! You are almost there – you are approaching the finish line of successfully launching your child into the real world.  Wow, that actually sounds scary, doesn’t it?  With your child’s senior year, and possibly an impending empty nest upon you, the excitement, jitters, anxiety, fear, and sadness have taken […]

Practical Strategies to Increase Family Time

Our lives are chaotic, our calendars are filled to capacity and there are few moments left over for family time. But it’s vitally important that you find or make even a small time to be all together. Milkie, Nomaguchi, and Denny’s article, Does the Amount of Time Children or Adolescents Spend with their Children suggests […]
How to Deal with Those Who Hate

How to Deal with Those Who Hate

It seems that we can’t escape the news, no matte where we hide. Our social media pages, televisions, and conversations are peppered with messages of intolerance, and hate. Pictures flash through our screens of people screaming, swatsikas and flags proudly displayed, torches and angry faces. As adults we have difficulty processing these strong emotions; how […]

Achieving work-life balance as a parent

I get it. You want to spend as much time as possible with your kids while they are still around. Plus there is always something that needs done. But those bills don’t pay themselves. Here is my advice for balancing work and life as a parent. Achieving Work-Life Balance as a Parent Find Quality Childcare […]
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Home Authoritarian parenting may lower your child’s self-esteem

Ever wonder if your parenting style is affecting your child’s self-esteem? Members of the community have expressed interest in learning the science behind self-esteem. And so we interviewed an expert in this area – Jenny Kurman, PhD – who was happy to teach us a little about “explicit” and “implicit” self-esteem. But what exactly […]