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Parenting from the Trenches (Episode 2)

Parenting From The Trenches is a live stream show on Facebook and Instagram where Yellowbrick experts Dr. K and Dr. A answer your parenting questions. Our second episode aired on April 26th at 10:30am ET. Replay the show and view links and resources below… Parenting From The Trenches: Episode #2 — Suicide Awareness & Prevention […]

Punishment vs. Positive Reinforcement – Daniel Weiner, MA LPC

When you want to foster a change of behavior in your children, what’s the best approach — positive reinforcement or punishment? Psychotherapist Dan Weiner offers his expert perspective on this common parenting challenge.

Building strong children

Building strong children is easier than repairing broken adults. Why allow something to break only to try to fix it later? What if we could give children the tools to finding their true path and learning inner strength? Ranbir Puar presents a profoundly moving case for a new methodology…a true paradigm shift. She shares inspiring […]

Responsible parenting: Create memories, not expectations

We all are familiar with expectations. Expectations laid on us once to succeed in life. And without noticing we transfer all these expectations on our children. But do high expectations help our children to succeed in life? Austeja Landsbergiene, Ph.D., CEO and founder of a private chain of pre-schools in Latvia and Lithuania is an […]

How to communicate with children effectively

What persuasive strategies do you use when trying to communicate with your child? Do you tend to frame your messages positively or negatively. Does it matter? Members of the community have expressed interest in learning more about how to effectively communicate with children. And so we interviewed an expert in this area – Hiroyuki […]