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12 Habits of My Most Successful Students

Parents want what is best for their children, and when it comes to school, “best” usually includes good grades. But, as teachers, we hate to focus too much on grades (which should reflect a child’s learning rather than drive it), as doing so can undermine learning and cause anxiety. As an Advanced Placement teacher at […]
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The Senior Year: Helping them Soar by Letting them Go

Congratulations parents of high school seniors! You are almost there – you are approaching the finish line of successfully launching your child into the real world.  Wow, that actually sounds scary, doesn’t it?  With your child’s senior year, and possibly an impending empty nest upon you, the excitement, jitters, anxiety, fear, and sadness have taken […]
The Ultimate Back-to-School Guide for the ADHD Student

The Ultimate Back-to-School Guide for the ADHD Student

By Jenna Wattenbarger, certified coach for HomeworkCoach   A few nights ago, my six-year-old asked to set the table. I left the kitchen to put on America’s Got Talent. When I came back, my daughter had loaded the table with Bavarian dessert plates, melamine Hello Kitty dishes, Japanese rice bowls, plastic champagne flutes, and a family […]

Should I enroll my child in an enrichment program?

Here’s a clip from the live stream Q&A in April 2017 where our experts Dr. K and Dr. A addressed a viewer question enrolling their child in an enrichment program.

Why Therapy Works for Teens & Young Adults

Geoff Genser, a West Hartford-based clinical social worker and therapist, talks about the challenges faced by teens and young adults to overcome emotional and mental health issues. He stresses the importance of seeking help, instead of retreating in the face of these challenges.

What if Schools Taught Us How to Learn

Why is it that schools teach us WHAT we need to learn, without ever teaching us HOW? Memory and Speed Reading expert Jonathan Levi takes us through his personal journey from a failing student to a SuperLearner in this provocative and inspiring talk. Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor from the Silicon […]